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Constitutional Rights In South Africa For Mine Workers

2020-02-11 For everyone in south africa. labour laws and case law built up in the labour courts the commission forconciliation mediation and arbitration ccma and the old industrial courts which follow the principles of non-discrimination fair labour practices and the reasonable rights and duties of employers and employees.

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Your rights at work

for everyone in south africa. labour laws and case law built up in the labour courts, the commission forconciliation, mediation and arbitration ccma and the old industrial courts, which follow the principles of non-discrimination, fair labour practices and the reasonable rights and duties of employers and employees.

South africa constitutional court

1constitutional court of south africa case cct 8716. in the matter between association of mineworkers and. construction union ... establishing whether each mine is a workplace involves elements of both fact and law. ... and the rights of workers to form and join trade unions and to strike as well as the right of trade unions to organise ...

South africa constitutional court

1constitutional court of south africa. case cct 19417. in the matter between ... i am persuaded by these arguments that the sole employer interpretation best protects the rights of placed workers. conclusion 83 regard being had to the language employed in section 198a3b ...

The south african constitution and bill of rights

3the first constitution for the union of south africa was adopted in 1910. this gave rights to the white minority but took away the right to vote of the majority of south africans. in 1960 the white government held a referendum to decide whether south africa would become a republic. on 31 may 1961 south africa was declared a republ.

South africa

7despite south africas strong constitutional protections for human rights and its relative ... persons to access justice and other rights. the killing of mine workers ... to 1.5 million domestic ...

A critical analysis of the law on strikes in

8a critical analysis of the law on strikes in south africa . student name menzi douglas mbona . student number 209529117 ... 5.2 the rights of trade unions and employers organisations ... this is particularly the case with mine workers whose working conditions are rough and dangerous, with between nine and 15 hours of work a day, 12 ...

Module 18 land rights

8challenges to south africas constitutional and land policy processes must thus go well beyond reforming rights in land. discrimination and the principle of restitution in various countries, individuals or groups are demanding the restitution of land they believe was unlawfully taken from them-or payment of compensation in lieu of the land.

Mineral sands resources lawsuits re tormin mine, so.

8mineral sands resources lawsuits re tormin mine, so. africa in may 2017 mineral sands resources msr, a subsidiary of australian mining company mineral commodities limited mrc, filed a lawsuit against two attorneys from the centre for environmental rights cer and a community activist.

Tackling injustices of occupational lung disease

8south africas mineral resources have produced, and continue to produce, enormous economic wealth yet decades of colonialism, apartheid, capital flight, and challenges in the neoliberal post-apartheid era have resulted in high rates of occupational lung disease and low rates of compensation for ex-miners and their families. given growing advocacy and activism of current and former mine ...

Domestic workers rights

All workers have certain rights under the constitution of south africa and labour regulations. this is a summary of domestic workers rights in south africa. a domestic worker is a gardener, driver or person who looks after children, the aged, sick, frail or disabled in a private household, but not on a farm. 1.

Cliffe dekker hofmeyr

As a country in transition, south africa faces the ongoing challenge of how to generate and maintain processes that restore dignity, create political and economic equality, and promote a culture of human rights, particularly in the workplace.

15 basic human rights you should know

As south africans celebrate human rights day on march 21, we look at 15 rights every citizen must know. the bill of rights protects the rights of every south african, and its important that all south africans know their most basic rights afforded to them. below are some of the most crucial rights you should know. the right to equali.

Windfall for former wenela miners

Centre for constitutional rights south africa representative ms phephelaphi dube said she had been overwhelmed by phone calls following the advertisement .

So. africa constitutional court rules in favour of ex ...

Ex-mineworker beats anglogold, dies so. africa author sapa. a constitutional court judgment paves the way for claims for occupational health diseases for ex-mineworkers in south africa, a lawyer says. the court ruled unanimously favour of thembekile mankayi against anglogold ashanti.

S african gold miners gun for mining firms

Furthermore, he says, black mine workers are spending more time underground than ever before. while miners in many other countries work for eight-hour shifts, in south africa they work between 10 ...

5. the mining industry, migrant labour and hostels

It is a voluntary association of private sector mining finance houses, mining companies and mines. it has over 80 members drawn from south africas gold, coal, diamond, platinum, antinomy, asbestos, manganese, lead and copper mining sections. the members account for approximately 85 of the mineral output of south africa.

Numsa accuses kusasalethu mine of abandoning its

Johannesburg - the national union of metalworkers of south africa numsa has on tuesday accused kusasalethu mine of abandoning workers. the mine is part of harmony gold and is based in carletonville, west of johannesburg.

Home is where the mine is

On 15 april 2016, the minister of mineral resources published the draft reviewed broad based black-economic empowerment charter for the south african mining and minerals industry 2016 the draft reviewed mining charter for public comment, addressing among other issues, the targets to be met by the mining industry in respect of the housing and living conditions of mine workers.

Concourt rules on procedural fairness of minority

On thursday, the constitutional court delivered judgment in the case of association of mine workers and construction union and others v royal bafokeng platinum mi.

Llm dissertation the labour rights of irregular

Poses a problem when it comes to irregular migrants labour rights. south africa is a constitutional democracy that grants all persons living within south africa standard human rights.23 mokgoro j, in her majority judgment in khosa others 16 article 1 of the un declaration.

South africa constitutional law human rights

South africa, 2002. in human rights watch world report 2003. online. south africa, 2001. in human rights watch world report 2002. online. unequal protection the state response to violent crime on south african farms august 2001. -- new york human rights watch, 2001. south africa a question of principle, arms trade and human rights ...

Association of mineworkers and ...

South african human rights commission and others v city of cape town and others 86312020 2020 zawchc 84 click here to read the full judgment on saflii 1 on 1 july 2020 the nation was shocked by a video that went viral on social media depicting a naked man being dragged out of his shack in an informal settlement by officials of the city ...

South african police crack down on wildcat ...

South african police have arrested striking workers in an effort to stem protests and violence in the areas surrounding platinum and gold mines. since rock-drill operators walked off the job in august at the lonmin platinum facilities at marikana, 45 people have been killed. on sept. 15, police raided mine.

Silicosis rampant in south africas mines

South africas miners are among the workers worst affected by silicosis in the world. silicosis is a painful and debilitating disease that causes shortness of breath, a persistent cough and ...

Sweeping changes in the domestic sector in south

Sweeping changes in the domestic sector in south africa inclusion of domestic workers under coida. when the tide of democracy and constitutionalism swept through labour legislation in south africa from the early 90s onwards, domestic workers, for the first time, gained access to important labour rights.

Mining and your community know your environmental

The bill of rights in the constitution which describes the human rights of all people in south africa. the mineral and petroleum resources development act, 2002 the mprda. the mprda sets out the process a mining company must follow to get a licence or permit to mine. the mprda is administered by the department of mineral resources.

Miners in south africa could face lawsuits from

The constitutional court in south africa has kicked open the door to class-action lawsuits against mine owners. the lawsuits could cost miners billions of rand after the court ruled yesterday that ...

Employment law update the constitutional court

This sparked an interpretation dispute between national union of metalworkers of south africa numsa and assign where the former argued that the workers, in terms of s 198a3b, became full-time employees of assigns client, whereas assign argued that the section gave rise to a dual employer relationship, that being both the client and ...